Bad Piggies Review – Puzzle Game

The puzzle game Bad Piggies was created by Rovio Entertainment. The pigs from the original game, who are now the primary characters, are the focus of the game, which is a spin-off of the well-known Angry Birds franchise. In the game Bad Piggs, players assist the pigs in constructing various devices to get where they’re going while gathering stuff to score points and open up new levels.

Levels of Bad Piggies

The game has more than 200 levels that are broken up into various chapters. In order to complete each level’s distinct difficulty, players must employ their original problem-solving abilities. The pigs can be modified with a variety of components, such as wheels, wings, engines, and more, to create the device that will assist them in achieving their objective.

Bad Piggies Story Mode

In addition to the main story mode, which allows players to advance through the stages, Bad Piggies also features a sandbox option that allows players to experiment freely with various parts and ideas. The game also includes weekly challenges, which are more challenging and call for greater expertise, in addition to daily challenges, which present a new task every day.

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Graphics & Sound Effects

The game is renowned for its colourful graphics, unique sound effects, and exciting, inventive gameplay. The game physics engine is also highly praised for giving the devices a realistic feel and enhancing both the difficulty and fun of the gameplay.

Storyline of Bad Piggies

By building various vehicles, the user assists the pigs from Angry Birds in stealing eggs from the birds. The plot centres on the pigs’ exploits as they attempt to steal the eggs while avoiding the wrath of the birds. In order to get the pigs to their goal, the player must construct a vehicle for each of the game’s difficult levels.

Critical Reviews on Bad Piggies

The reviews of Bad Piggies were mainly favourable. The game’s distinct and difficult puzzle mechanisms, as well as its endearing and amusing storyline, were highly appreciated by reviewers. The game’s difficulty and repetitious gameplay were panned by some, but generally, most critics found Bad Piggies to be an enjoyable puzzle game.

Some Positive Reviews of Bad Piggies
  • Bad Piggies is a great puzzle game that will delight you and test your abilities. Play Touch Arcade
  • The game is hilarious and creative, and it is a delight to play. Its difficult riddles will keep you hooked.
  • Bad Piggies is a puzzle game that is surprisingly addictive and will keep you occupied for hours.
  • Although the game can occasionally be annoyingly challenging, its fascinating plot and enjoyable gameplay make it well worth playing.

Can I play Bad Piggies on PC?

Directly you can not play this game on PC but you can play with emulators like blustacks ,mumu and many more.

Is Bad Piggies a good game?

Whether or not Bad Piggies is a good game is a matter of opinion. Players and critics alike gave the game mostly favourable reviews, praising its difficult puzzle design, endearing plot, and enjoyable gameplay. But whether or not someone thinks Bad Piggies is a good game depends on their own choices and experience. Some players considered the game to be overly challenging or repetitive. It could be worthwhile to give Bad Piggies a shot if you like puzzle games.

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