Bully Scholarship Edition Review

Bully Scholarship Edition Review , In this post i am sharing you to the best trending game in 2024 named as Bully Scholarship Edition it is an enhanced version of the original Bully game developed by Rockstar Games. It was released in 2008 for the Xbox 360 and Wii.

Bully Scholarship Edition Review

The game takes place at Bullworth Academy, a fictional boarding school in New England. You play as Jimmy Hopkins, a troublemaking 15-year old who gets dropped off at Bullworth by his mother and her new husband. Jimmy finds that Bullworth is ruled by cliques of bullies and students. To survive and progress at Bullworth, Jimmy must stand up to the bullies and unite all the students.


The core gameplay involves completing story missions that advance the overall narrative. Missions usually involve meeting characters, fighting enemies, and exploring the open world map. Outside of missions, you can freely roam the school grounds and town doing side activities.

There is a day/night cycle and school calendar that follows the seasons. This opens and closes areas and changes student activities. You can attend classes to increase Jimmy’s abilities, go shopping in town, play dodgeball or videogames, or just explore and cause mischief.

The combat allows for melee attacks, shoving, and use of slingshots or firecrackers. As you progress, Jimmy can gain new fighting moves and increased damage. There are no game overs – if Jimmy is defeated he will respawn at the nearest infirmary.


Bully Scholarship Edition uses a cartoon art style, with exaggerated character models and animations. Environments are colorful and stylized versions of school locations like classrooms, dorms, cafeterias, gymnasiums and more.

On Xbox 360 and Wii, the game runs at 720p resolution and maintains a smooth 30fps framerate. The PC version allows for improved textures and higher resolutions. Overall the graphics hold up well for a last-gen game and suit the setting.


Voice acting is excellent, with many recognizable actors like J.K. Simmons voicing staff. The soundtrack features licensed songs from the mid 2000s along with an instrumental score. Sound effects like student pranks, fist fights, and go-karts all add immersion and personality.

Replay Value

There is plenty of content supporting multiple playthroughs. After beating the main story, you can return and complete all the classes, unlock new costumes, finish side missions, collect items, and explore at your leisure. The game has lots of depth despite the school setting.

The scholarship edition also adds new accessible areas, extra missions, characters, and school activities – providing hours of new things to experience. Overall this expanded version of Bully gives players good reason to revisit Bullworth Academy.


Bully Scholarship Edition takes the solid open world gameplay of the original and expands it to make the definitive school life experience. Exploring Bullworth never gets old thanks to the humor, variety, and living world full of misfits. Fans of Rockstar’s crime games should feel right at home with this teen-focused twist on classic gameplay. For an affordable price, Bully Scholarship Edition is absolutely worth enrolling in.

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