Horizon Forbidden West : Exploring the Uncharted Wilds of Horizon Forbidden

Horizon Forbidden West is a new MMORPG set in the Westeros world. Players can choose to be one of many different races and play through the game’s story, or they can choose to be a mercenary and explore the world for riches.

The World of Horizon Forbidden West

A Vast and Beautiful Post-apocalyptic Landscape

Players are transported to a brand-new world by Horizon Forbidden West, which is full of gorgeous vistas that range from the breathtakingly lovely to the severely unforgiving. This game gives a breathtaking tour of a post-apocalyptic America, from the soaring peaks of the Rockies to the sweeping dunes of the Great Basin.

Robotic Creatures and the Threat They Pose

In Horizon Forbidden West, players will encounter a wide variety of robotic creatures, each with its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. These creatures are not only a threat to the player, but they also play a significant role in shaping the world they inhabit. From the towering Thunderjaw to the agile and cunning Snapmaw, players will need to be prepared for any encounter.

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The Story and Characters of Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy, the Brave and Determined Protagonist

Players will formerly again take on the part of Aloy, the stalwart and determined archer, as she sets out on a new trip to uncover the secrets of the interdicted west. Aloy’s strength and determination will be put to the test as she faces new challenges and uncovers the verity about the world she inhabits.

The Return of Familiar Characters

Horizon Forbidden West brings back familiar characters, such as Sylens and Teersa, while introducing new characters who will play a significant role in the story. The interplay between these characters will be essential to Aloy’s journey and the unraveling of the game’s overarching narrative.

Gameplay and Mechanics

An Expanded Skill Tree and Crafting System

Horizon Forbidden West expands upon the gameplay mechanics introduced in Horizon Zero Dawn, offering players a deeper and more complex skill tree and crafting system. Players will have more opportunities to tailor Aloy’s abilities to their playstyle, allowing for greater customization and strategic planning.

New Weapons and Tools to Master

Along with the expanded skill tree and crafting system, players will have access to a wider range of weapons and tools, each with its own unique properties. From the sharp and precise Sharpshot Bow to the powerful and explosive Blast Sling, players will have a variety of options for taking down the robotic creatures of the world.

The much awaited successor to the critically acclaimed video game Horizon Zero Dawn is titled Horizon Forbidden West. This action role-playing game, created by Guerrilla Games and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is set in a post-apocalyptic future where robots and humans live.

“Horizon Forbidden West” Storyline

Horizon is a new open-world RPG set 200 years after the Great War of 2077 and 60 years after the events of Fallout 3. You are the Sole Survivor of Vault 111, the only human allowed to leave the vault and the first person to go. You will discover new secrets, fight powerful enemies, and build a home for yourself as you explore this unique and unexplored world.

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Horizon Forbidden West has engaging, captivating gameplay. Players control a young hunter who searches for sacred relics and mystical beasts. The expansive and detailed world is secondary to the hunting mechanics. In battle, you face powerful, cunning monsters that can be deadly if mishandled.


The game introduces two new major characters. The first is Blue, an athlete who suffers from multiple injuries. She is a skilled archer and can use a bow and arrow to kill enemies from a distance. The second character is Sam, a young man new to the game’s world.

Various Game Modes

Players will be able to explore the new open world environment, while also engaging in new combat techniques and crafting new weapons. Additionally, the game promises to bring a range of exciting new features, such as the ability to dive underwater and explore the depths of the ocean. With an expansive new world to explore, Horizon Forbidden West looks set to be one of the most exciting releases of 2021.

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Final Conclusion

Horizon Forbidden West promises to be an exciting and thrilling journey through a post-apocalyptic America, filled with danger and wonder. With an expanded skill tree and crafting system, new weapons and tools, and a compelling story filled with memorable characters, this game is sure to be a hit with fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. Get ready to explore the uncharted wilds of Horizon Forbidden West.

The overall feedback for Horizon Forbidden West was positive. Players seemed to enjoy the new setting and the changes to the gameplay. The only downside was that some players felt the difficulty was too high.


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